Tukutukum *İpek Böcekleri*

Tukutukum *Silkworms*

my tukutukum

Silk: silkworms are actually a blessing to us, humanity. 'Silk' is what keeps us cool in the summer and keeps us warm in the winter. Sometimes it is one of nature's biggest surprises to fashion, making us the star of the night. Tukutukum, on the other hand, is the combination of Bursa silk and the pop-art culture that our beloved Warhol brought to our world.

Tukutukum silk scarves, scarves or shawls (whatever you want to call them) offer the luxurious and colorful world of accessories to our lives. While her unique designs are produced in Bursa in two different silk fabrics, twill and voile, each design tells the story of a woman trying to survive in today's world and feeling great happiness about it.

The Shameless collection awaits you in its colorful world.

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