Payment options

When you shop on our TukuTukum website, you can easily purchase the product you choose with your credit card or one of the money transfer/EFT payment options. You can learn more about payment options in our article below.

Payment by Credit Card
You can pay for all your purchases from TukuTukum using your debit or credit card.

We use the Payu payment infrastructure for your credit card and debit card payments. We always provide you with a simple, fast and secure payment tool with Payu, which can use the virtual posts of 15 banks.

You can benefit from the advantages of 9 installments for your purchases with your Axess, Bonus, Maximum, CardFinans, World and Paraf cards, or you can pay in one payment with all other credit cards.

In line with our agreement with Payu, we use the SSL 128 bit encryption security system for your security. Your personal information is private to you and is not displayed by us in any way.

If you wish, you can pay with BKM Express via Payu, complete your transaction on the payment screen that appears and make the payment easily.

At the stage where you choose to pay with Payu on our TukuTukum checkout page, all you have to do is enter your card information or choose to pay with BKM Express. Once we receive your order confirmation from Payu, your order will reach us and we will start preparing it for you immediately.

Payment via Money Order/EFT
Another alternative where you can make your payment is the Wire Transfer/EFT option. It will be sufficient to deposit the payment to our bank account given below. You can easily carry out your money transfer or EFT transactions from the individual internet branch or mobile application of the bank you work with.

Please write the relevant order number in the description section of the money transfer receipt. In the relevant amount section, write the total amount you see in the basket.

Our Bank Account Information (TL)
IBAN: TR50 0004 6008 4188 8000 0415 80
Bank Code: 46
Branch Code: 841
Account Code: 41580

You will automatically be able to see that the recipient account is in the name of TUKU TASARIM TEKSTİL after entering the IBAN address.

You will receive an e-mail informing us that your order has arrived. Your order will be on hold until we confirm payment has been received. You must send the money transfer/EFT amount within 5 business days at the latest. Your order will not be processed unless the bank transfer is approved.

For all your payment-related problems, you can contact us via Zopim or