Tuğba Kuzdere Yorgancıoğlu

After graduating from Tuğba Kuzdere Işık High School, she continued her education at Bilkent Communication and Design department. Later, Tuğba went to Milan and completed her Master's degree in Fashion Marketing and Management at Instituto Europeo di Design University.

Tuğba, who worked in different departments of major Italian brands such as Ugo Cacciatori and Costume National in Milan, later returned to Istanbul and implemented the "Build Your On Fashion" project with her friends. Working with many designers, Tuğba later founded her own company, Lamodaist, and provided 360-degree fashion consultancy services to designers and fashion brands.

He realized his dream by establishing his own brand, TukuTukum, in 2016. Combining Turkish production quality and handcraftsmanship with modern designs, TukuTukum always supports strong, brave and colorful lives; It stands out with its striking and carefully designed patterns.

Tuğba is the creative director of the TukuTukum brand, works as a style consultant and is the author of the book titled "You Shut Up, Your Style Speaks".