Ipek koton fular alanlara anahtarlık hediye

A keychain gift for those who buy a silk cotton scarf

Or haven't you purchased one of our pom-pom silk cotton scarves yet?

If; If you haven't bought one of our pom-pom silk scarves yet, now is the time! TukuTukum silk cotton scarves are now 190 TL instead of 220 TL. Moreover, you get a TukuTukum keychain as a gift with every silk cotton scarf purchase you make.

TukuTukum silk cotton scarves are designed with the most popular patterns; Apart from pinky, tigga, rainbow and chilli, you can also find it in the Miami, Honolulu and Rio patterns of the Tropical Geometry collection, which Tuğba Kuzdere and Mariano Pascual collaborated with.

Don't miss the opportunity to spice up your clothes with this amazing duo!

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