Collection: summer of love

TukuTukum's 'SummerofLove' collection embodied many of the design codes TukuTukum has become known for: bright colors and a fun, yet elegant spirit. Tugba offered her signature beach sarongs updated with slogan vibe through the use of prints.'The starting point of the collection is our prints always, which we design in-house'. The collection is broken up into three concepts: feminism, nepotism and exaggeration of well-being.

TukuTukum's 'Summer of Love' collection incorporates TukuTukum's well-known design codes; A fun yet elegant spirit with bright colours. Tuğba Kuzdere's signature beach collection is quite striking with its patterns that appear with strong slogans. 'The starting point of the collection is, as always, patterns that reflect our freedom'.
With Summer of Love collection patterns; It offers an allegorical approach to concepts that are suppressed or overly insisted on in daily life.