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Kintsugi Wool Scarf

Kintsugi Wool Scarf

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- Produced in limited quantities for online sale.

- This pattern is hand drawn and produced by digital printing.

- Content:70% Wool 30 % Silk

- Size: 90 - 90 cm

- The edges are carefully completed by our women working in local areas.

- Ethically and sustainably produced in Istanbul.

- Each scarf is sent as a gift package in a special envelope-shaped box.

- Italian threads were used.

Literally (金継ぎ) kintsugi = kin: gold, tsugi: to unite. The purpose of Kintsugi is not to restore a broken object to its original state by repairing it. It is to enable those who look at it to see the beauty in imperfection. It was designed by TukuTukum for all women who have accepted ourselves with our flaws and beauties.

70% Wool 30% Silk

90 - 90cm

All TukuTukum products are illustrated by hand

Made in Turkey

Transferred digitally and produced ethically in Bursa

Each product comes in special gift box

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