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Violet Wool Scarf

Violet Wool Scarf

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- This pattern is hand drawn and produced by digital printing.

- Produced in limited quantities for online sale.

- Content:70% Wool 30 % Silk

- Size: 90 - 90 cm

- The edges are carefully completed by our women working in local areas.

- Ethically and sustainably produced in Istanbul.

- Each scarf is sent as a gift package in a special envelope-shaped box.

- Italian threads were used.

Purple is the color of the future, imagination, dreams and enlightenment. Violet colors are associated with calming emotions and are ideal for relaxing environments. It is a symbol of spirituality and enlightenment and also increases psychic abilities and compassion. Violet wool scarf was designed by TukuTukum.

70% Wool 30% Silk

90 - 90cm

All TukuTukum products are illustrated by hand

Made in Turkey

Transferred digitally and produced ethically in Bursa

Each product comes in special gift box

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